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 Initiation in tango: A fun workshop with a well proven concept for events and festivals.

The Facilitator

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Diego Sanlor is a passionate tango enthusiast and a lover of music festivals. His unique journey combines these two worlds, having discovered tango in 2012, the same year he moved to Berlin. This new chapter in his life marked the beginning of his deep relationship with the dance. 

His love for dancing naturally led him to teaching, by offering tango workshops at various electronic music festivals and events since 2017.

To make his workshops more engaging and relatable to festival-goers, Diego incorporates elements from contact improvisation and tantra, which he learned in Berlin and Ibiza respectively. These additions help create a more inclusive and interactive experience for participants.

By redefining tango beyond its traditional, heteronormative confines, he visions it as a profound union of two bodies, transcending gender norms and stereotypes. This perspective stems from his belief in the power of radical listening, where partners engage in a dialogue of movements, fostering a voyage that goes beyond the dance floor.

His workshops are not just about learning tango steps; they are about building bonds and enjoying the joy of dance together. Through his workshops, Diego brings people together, celebrating the vibrant blend of music, movement, and human connection.

The Workshop

The workshop is designed to be inclusive and accessible, welcoming everyone regardless of their dance background. You don’t need any previous experience or a partner to join. Just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn!

We start with engaging warm-up exercises, both in groups and individually, to get everyone moving and comfortable. These activities are designed to break the ice and prepare your body for the tango experience ahead.

You’ll be guided through the foundational elements of tango, including basic posture and steps. These essential skills will give you the confidence to navigate the dance floor and enjoy the beauty of tango.

The workshop emphasizes the joy of exploration and bonding with your dance partner over strict technical perfection. The aim is to create a relaxed environment where you can freely express yourself through movement.

Tango is not just about following steps; it’s a dance of creativity and spontaneity. The workshop encourages you to explore your creative potential and experiment with improvisation, making each dance uniquely your own.

Experience the meditative aspect of tango as you move in harmony with the music and your partner. This “walking meditation” state allows you to connect deeply with the present moment and find inner peace through dance.

We blend traditional and electronic tango music to provide a rich auditory experience. This mix not only honors the roots of tango but also introduces a modern twist, making the dance sessions lively and dynamic. Alternatively, the workshop can be taught entirely with electronic music like Downtempo or Ambient House.

The workshop culminates in a “milonga,” a fun and social dance session where everyone can practice what they’ve learned. It’s a wonderful opportunity to dance freely, enjoy the music, and connect with fellow participants.

Beyond dancing, the workshop offers a relaxed atmosphere to meet new people, share experiences, and build lasting bonds. It’s a time to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the communal spirit of tango.




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